Providing Precision Laser Cutting Services in Utah

Providing Precision Laser Cutting Services in Utah

Welcome to Extreme Laser Utah. We provide laser metal cutting to Utah clients. Our fiber optic laser allows us to work with nearly any material, including wood and metal. We use our custom metal laser to make signage, site furniture, brackets and other products.

What makes our laser different is that it can accommodate various thicknesses and metal types. Whether you want us to work with copper, mild steel, brass, galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, you can be sure that we will transform these materials into your desired finished product.

As a laser cutting service provider, we approach each job with superior workmanship and efficiency. We perform quality work on schedule and according to your requirements. With our extensive experience and our precision laser cutting processes, we turn the visions you outlined in your project into a reality.

Additional Services

Apart from cutting metals with our laser, we offer the following:

  • Fabrication – Our team provides custom steel fabrication and complete metal fabrication services to contractors and homeowners throughout Utah County and the neighboring areas. Whether you want spiral staircases, ornamental railings or structural support, you can depend on us for the fabrication.
  • Metal Supply – We offer and deliver a wide range of metals. Some of the products you’ll find in our inventory include square tubing, pipes, flat bars, angle irons, rebar, bar grates, metal plates, round bars and expanded metal. We supply high-quality metals at a reasonable price.
  • Powder Coating – We offer optimal powder coating services that add a durable and smooth finish to any project. Our team powder coats aluminum rims, metal signs, hand railings, motorcycle parts and other metal items. Our powder coating process makes your material resistant to corrosion, fading, chipping and moisture.

Laser Cutting Various Types of Materials

Our laser machine cuts a range of metals. It can slice through steel, aluminum and other materials, which you can use to make site furniture, manufacturing equipment and other products.

Why Cut Materials with Lasers?

This manufacturing process presents certain advantages over other cutting methods. With our custom metal laser technology, you can achieve clean, accurate cuts.

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